Tuesday Shoesday


If you were to ask me what my weakness is, I would definitely have to say that it’s shoes. I’m quite certain that I could go at least three months without repeating a pair of shoes. Is that bad?! I’m sure any normal person would say “yes”, but for us “Fashionista’s”, you can never have too many pairs!

 Lately, I’ve been snagging some AMAZING shoes at even more amazing prices! My feet are the happiest they’ve ever been! 🙂

 Here is a peek at my newest shoe additions!

I rarely wear shades of brown, but once I saw these over the knee dark brown boots, I instantly fell in love and I just had to have them! The boots, made by DV Dolce Vita retail for $190. Nordstrom Rack had them marked down to $55 and I purchased them during the ‘Clear the Rack’ sale so I got an extra 25% off which made them $42!!


It’s funny that I just said I rarely wear shades of brown because I not only bought one pair of brown boots in the past month….I bought two! This pair, from Sole Society, was normally $150 and they were marked down to $45 over President’s Day Weekend. Such a great deal!


I snagged these next two pairs on the clearance rack at Macy’s! I’m so happy that I found them when I did because they wouldn’t have been there for long!

These Jessica Simpson heels were originally $110 and my final price was $35!


These next heels, made by Nine West, were originally $120 and my final price was $38!


Those “normal” folks that I spoke about above would think that those two pairs of black heels look exactly the same. But us “Fashionista’s” know that they are TOTALLY different!

Lastly, if you’re a regular reader of Divine Deals, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with polka dots! My Valentine this year (my sweet mom), purchased these AMAZING Nike polka dot tennis shoes for me for Valentine’s Day! Mom of the Year!!!


What do you all think of my newest shoe additions?! I’ll try to lay of the shoe purchases this month, but I can’t make any promises! I’ve already got one pair on my watch list…….

I’m waiting for the price to drop on these pink heels from J Crew! Do you know how long I’ve searched for the perfect pair of pink heels?!


That’s it for now readers! Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my deals & steals! And remember, If you’re in need of some new boots, now is definitely the time to get them! Stores are making room for their Spring shoes and offering boots at up to 80% off!!




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